What we do

Bkstudios understand that most businesses operate inefficiently by using the wrong software solutions. We offer customised solutions that are designed specifically for your business and what is most important to you, your business necessities and goals

We have a long list of satisfied clients that run heavily on our solutions. Our clients range from small (revenue less than $1m per year) to large enterprises (revenue over $40m per year) and some in-between. What we’ve noticed over the years is that all our client's businesses have improved year on year due to efficient work processes and web exposure. The solution that we provide you is second to none, and we pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions, meeting tight deadlines and keeping projects on budget, no matter the complexity or scale.

What we have done

  • CRM
  • Online shops
  • Service management systems
  • B2B Sales systems
  • Logistics
  • Asset Management systems
  • Deployment Systems
  • EDM
  • Websites

Why Choose us?

  • We care about your business
  • No BS consultation
  • No Need to hire expensive full-time software developers
  • Use our services as you need them
  • Reasonable Pricing (What we quote is what you will pay)
  • Round-the-clock 24/7 support (phone/emails/messaging)
  • battle-hardened server technologies that will keep your app at up all the time
  • State of the art technology partners
  • Hourly database backups
  • Generous support contracts and credit system to stay in budget
  • Pop us an email for a FREE quote